Patriots vs Loyalist?

Topics: Patriot, The Patriot, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Loyalist vs. Patriot?

Fighting in the blue corner; well educated, tax collector, and remaining faithful to the regulations of King George and Parliament, it’s the loyalists! And fighting in the red corner; separatist, searching for their independence from England, they’re the ultimate freedom fighters, it’s the Patriots! Now it’s time for you to place your bet, what side are you on? Personally, during the time of the American Revolution I would have chosen to be a Jedi (Patriot). To back up that statement, I would have even been a Frenchman before choosing the dark side of the force (Loyalist). I know I’m such a nerd but its making a great thesis statement. In contrast the Loyalist did have certain advantages over the Patriots, but as a Patriot fighting for what you believe in accounts for so much more.

Considering I already know who wins, of course I would be a Patriot back in the day. In most cases, even the Loyalist knew at the time that the Patriots were going to win. Just look, most loyalists sent over by the king to collect taxes took the money and ran. They collected all the taxes they could and ultimately separated from the king, therefore disowning their name as loyalist. However the Patriots were not cowards. They stood on what they believed and fought to the death both politically and physically.

Patriot had something loyalists did not, determination. Patriots had the will to keep on keeping on until they reached their goal, freedom. Loyalists, on the other hand, were primarily set out to collect money for the king and were particularly determined by greed. How can you win a war without some type of moral goal? How can you expect to conquer if all you’re set out to do is obtain wealth? Sure, Loyalists supplied the king with cash to back up his army and buy them fuzzy wool coats, but it couldn’t be matched to the desire of independence by all Patriots.

Lastly, this is either going to sound really stupid because it’s so obvious, or...
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