Patriotism in the Community

Topics: Nationalism, Patriotism, Pledge of Allegiance Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 30, 2013
How Can I Show My Patriotism In My Community?

When I hear the word patriotism I automatically have an image in my head of soldiers saluting a flag or a group standing to say the pledge of allegience. To be honest I usually do not think of ALL the ways we can show our patriotism. There are many oppportunities put in front of us daily to show the honor we feel from being a citizen of the United States. Being a citizen grants us many freedoms that most other countries to not offer to their residents. For example, we have the right to vote, speak, choose our representatives and have a identity of our own as a person and individual. With these rights are responsibilities and the debt we owe to show how proud we are to be in this wonderful country. All citizens years 18 or older have the right to vote, but sadly many do not. This is due to laziness and/or lack of knowledge. This is not right, we fought for our freedoms and it is up to us to show patriotnism by using them. There are many other ways to show patriotism in a local area or even throughout the county and state. Patriotic ceremonies are usually held somewhere in your county- attend one, show that you care about the freedoms we have as a nation. Find a local buisness or organization that does not have a flag flying and raise money to donate a flag. Raising money could be done by selling flag pins or stickers and giving out informational papers on the history of the flag. For people to fully understand the meaning of what being a patriot is they need to understand the value of their rights. I also feel that children should be taught as early as possible the reasons we fly flags and what the colors, stripes, and stars all mean. Schools are a big influence on a childs life, so why not show patriotism through our educational systems? Have posters throughtout the halls supporting our country, have speakers come in and talk about what it is like to be a patriot. Incorporate a lesson about how important our...
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