Patriot Act

Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Terrorism, USA PATRIOT Act Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: April 17, 2013
According to the Homeland Securities Academic Article, Using the Patriot Act to Fight Terrorism, the Patriot act, “includes two of the most powerful mechanisms available to America today to prevent future acts”. These two mechanisms are information- sharing provisions and the improved, “investigative tools”. The Patriot Act provided these tools in four different areas of the United States government. These four areas are the United States Security, Surveillance, Money-Laundering, and Border Protection.

The Patriot Act increased the nations security by creating larger budgets and expanding previously security rules for the Counterterrorism fund, Technical Support Center, Electronic Crime Task Force Initiative, and the Biological Weapons Statute. After Congress passed the Patriot Act the Counterterrorism fund was increased significantly, so much that it is sometimes referred to as the, “unlimited fund”. Each year the fund created for this cause varies. For example in 2002 according to the article, Federal Counter- Terrorism R&D Nearly Triples”, President Bush approved the Counterterrorism Fund to be given 1.5 Billion dollars. This fund approval nearly tripled the spending that the federal government put into their counterterrorism security funds. Within this fund there are multiple different counter-terror funds that were approved in order to reach the overall number of $1.5 Billion. For example according to the U.S Information Agencys, White Houses Fact Sheet On Counter Terrorism Measures, security such as the screen checked baggage was approved for $91.1 million, the security work force was approved for $18 million, and explosive detective training was approved at $1.8 million. Those are just a few examples of security measures that fall under the counterterrorism fund and create the funds large expenses. Along with the Counterterrorism fund, the Technical Support Center was created and funded in order to increase security. According to the Department of...
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