Patrick Suskind

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Patrick Süskind

To be a skilled and recognized writer, one must be able to effectively recreate emotions that readers everywhere will embody as the story progresses; one must also create a setting that gives the story an atmosphere that transports the readers into the world in which the story takes place. In the case of Best-selling German author Patrick Süskind, he falls nothing short of a literary master mind whose novels send readers on thrilling adventures time and time again. Süskind’s writing technique truly creates vivid images for the reader and allows the reader to experience the same emotions as the characters involved.

The writer behind the success
Patrick Süskind is a German novelist whose literary works have given him international success. Born on March 26, 1949 in Ambach, Germany; Süskind quickly started his path towards a bright career. At a young age, Patrick aspired to be a concert pianist; though his father Wilhelm Emanuel Süskind, and Brother Martin E. Süskind were both journalists, Patrick then changed his aspirations and followed in their footsteps. From 1968 to 1974, Süskind studied medieval and modern history at the University of Munich, as well as the University of Aix-en-Provence in France. In 1985 Süskind made his litterarry debut with the release of his first novel “Perfume: The story of a murderer”. This novel takes place in 18th century France and tells the story of Jean-Baptist Grenouille, a perfume maker born with an extremely heightened sense of smell. Jean-Baptist’s quest to create the perfect scent drives him to begin murdering women across the country in order to capture their scent. This obsession of his derives from the fact that he himself has no scent of his own. Patrick’s work became a great success worldwide. Translated into 46 different languages, and adapted into the 2006 film of the same name; this novel quickly established him as one of the most popular German writers of the 1980’s....
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