Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Michael Vazquez
April 4, 2013
Personality in Bret Ellis American Psycho
In American Psycho, the antihero and of course main character Patrick Bateman shows complete signs of insanity. In reality he is mentally unstable and lacks ability to control his blood-thirst desires. He is deceitful, dishonest and disloyal to his fellow co-workers (whom are almost on the same level as himself), his fiancee and of course his victims. His world as we view it depicts him as an intelligent manipulating serial killer, in which all his victims are murdered because of value in Bateman's eyes. Unlike ordinary serial killers however; Patrick's outward appearance displays him as a handsome, well educated Harvard Grad who works as a successful financial advisor in Wall Street during the bull market of the 1980's New York City. His world as we know it; is moving in at a fast alarming rate but will his sadistic urges exceed total insanity as his past delusions take reality into utterly heinous acts.

Behind the narration in the novel we can't help but convey the present setting of Bateman's world. The novel describes it as yuppie greed trying to emphasize the fact that every character uses judgement by status and style.

We can get a clear picture of the lifestyle during the 80's as very hip. Sex, Drugs and Wealth all take part in the fast lifestyle of Patrick and his main social group whom enjoy proper etiquette and the fine night life of New York City. Bateman is obsessed with appearance, usually judging others by what they wear or where they live. In about every scene whether it is in a new night club in Soho or having a drink with a client; he takes the time to literally go into detail about each and every designer made clothing he is wearing and where it was purchased.

As American Psycho begins we can't help but imagine how luxurious Patrick has it. Ranging from his net-worth in the millions to his Park Ave...
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