Patrice Lumumba

Topics: Belgium, Mobutu Sese Seko, Patrice Lumumba Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Jabari Campbell
Global Awarness
Dr. M Stey

Patrice Lumumba was an Congolese/African nationalist before his country became a nation and had dreamed of a free Congolese people. He dreamed of a Congolese and African people who were capable of forging their own destinies and establishing their own riches without European and American influences . As the 1960s gave birth to Congo's independence, it also gave birth to a nightmare which was a mutiny that started a cycle of tribal bloodshed. Simba tribesmen rebelled and murdered civilians and foreign missionaries.

Lumumba had became his free nation's first prime minister and desired for his nation to be "free and self-determined" as Africans. He resented European involvement. In particular, he resented his nation being a colony of the Belgian monarchy. He witnessed firsthand of white colonialism on African people and how it . Kenya's Kikiuyu tribe suffered grievously from a civil war involving themselves and English settlers. While only 32 whites died during a nine-year "emergency" (1953-1962), over 12,000 Kenyans perished. The emergency was dcalled the "Mau Mau Rebellion". Congo's independence meant nothing to the United States and the United Nations because the did not want to mess up the ties that the allies had with the country of Belgium. No peacekeepers came to rescue a paradise evolving into chaos so rebel forces battled government troops and the capital of Brazzaville was under siege by Simbas. Lumumba begged for Western intervention and with no success he finally, asked the Soviet Union who responded with military and monetary aid . The Russian’s involvement drew the CIA who were already undermining Lumumba's government by funding the rebel groups, and a conspiracy developed between the CIA, military elements, African mercenaries and an international, diamond merchant smuggler . Lumumba's own secretary Mobutu Seko was fed sensitive information and betrayed his boss to his enemies . Mobutu became...
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