Patient Satisfaction Research

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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Running Head: Patient Satisfaction Research

Conduct and use of Patient Satisfaction Research in Health Care


The purpose of this paper is to gain an understanding of Patient Satisfaction Research in health care. By understanding the definition of patient satisfaction as well the use of patient satisfaction surveys in health care, others will be able to comprehend how managers of Health Care Organizations use the scores to improve the quality of care in their organization. After defining patient satisfaction research, then the question will be answered on how patient satisfaction surveys are used in health care, what influences patient satisfaction, how these surveys and research influence health service organizations, how the quality of health care is influenced by patient satisfaction as well as how health care organizations make improvements in quality within their organizations because of patient satisfaction research.

Patient satisfaction is one of the ways that health care organizations understand how patients feel when they visit a Health Service Organization (HSO). Many patients who come into a hospital setting or urgent care facility will normally be asked to fill out a patient satisfaction survey either before they leave the facility or within a few days after discharge. Just like when someone goes to a retail store and gets randomly selected to take a survey online about their customer satisfaction, patient satisfaction is viewed the same way in health care. Sometimes patients receive phone calls from the nurse that took care of them to make sure everything was fine with them as well as to get an idea of how satisfied they were with the service. It is up to the patient whether or not the facility or care provider has met that person’s expectations and preferences. The fact that 50% of Americans believe that the US Health Care system is worsening can cause health care administrators to worry about their health care companies’ performance. Given the publics wide spread concern for health care, patient satisfaction research can play an important part in how health care companies can improve their services. Patient satisfaction research can show health care organizations what departments are getting high grades from patients and which departments are lacking in quality health care. This research will discuss the definition of patient satisfaction and research as well as the use of patient satisfaction surveys in health care. The research on patient satisfaction will also show what influences patient satisfaction, how the quality of health care affects patient satisfaction. Finally this research will explain different types of patient satisfaction research companies and quality improvement in health care organizations.

Definition of Patient Satisfaction Research
One of the fastest growing industries in the United States is healthcare. With the growth of healthcare becoming a defining standard in the U.S., patient satisfaction research has become a standard for the healthcare industry. To gain a competitive edge against other healthcare companies, so they can increase their profits, companies started using patient satisfaction research to understand how each patient views the service they received. Patient satisfaction main focus is on the patients’ perception of care delivery. When a patient comes into the hospital for treatment, that patient is going to know whether or not the delivery of their care was adequate enough for them to want to continue to come to that particular hospital for treatment. Patients are being considered more like consumers. Healthcare organizations want to provide the best care and consideration for a patient just like a retail store wants to provide the best customer satisfaction during their shopping experience. Linder-Pelz (1982) defined patient...
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