Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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Pharmacy Current Event

Administration Says Health Law Will Lower Premiums, but Critics Disagree.

The News Article is about the new Health Law; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in March 2010. Also included in the Act are individual mandate requirements, expansion of public programs, health insurance exchanges, changes to private insurance, employer requirements and cost and coverage estimates. Unfortunately some citizens of the United States are disapproving of this Act; Obama has offered to make changes to the Act if warranted. Currently Administration is Attempting to quantify exactly how much individuals and businesses might save once the law is phased in starting in 2014. Premiums are expected to be lower than they otherwise would be without the law. For example, it says, middle-income families could save as much as $2,300 by purchasing coverage through the new health insurance exchanges; small businesses could save as much as $350 per family policy; and even large businesses will save, it says, because healthier people will have insurance. A statement from the American’s Health Insurance Plan gives the downfall of the Act, “The new law will expand coverage to millions of Americans, but fails to address the health care cost crisis.”

In my opinion of the Act I’m not really sure which side I chose to be on. The Act could save many people and businesses a lot of money. With the economy in the state it is every dime people could save would help. However the law does nothing for the price of medicine and other medical needs. Also with Obama offering to make changes to fit peoples wants and needs should help a lot with winning of the Critics.
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