Patient Information and Billing System

Topics: Computer graphics, Dentistry, Orthodontics Pages: 24 (4521 words) Published: December 17, 2012
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences IJECS-IJENS Vol: 10 No: 01


Towards a Complete Computer Dental Treatment System
Ahmed El-Bialy
Systems and Biomedical Engineering Department, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt e-mail:
Abstract - This paper introduces the production of 3D virtual clinic to help dentists in their treatment. To achieve this goal, different scientific areas are integrated such as: computer
graphics, pattern recognition, computer vision, information
technology and finite element machine (FEM). The proposed
system includes the following tools; patient information system, automatic 2-D cephalometrics, 3-D cephalometrics, 3-D
visualization, surgical planning, 3-D registration, soft tissue simulation, pre and post treatment analysis, etc. Acquisition of the 3D virtual model of the patient is the foundation of this work. The CT slides of the patient’s head (soft and hard tissues) are collected in a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication

in Medicine) format. These slides are then compiled to build up the patient’s 3D model. Using ray-casting volume rendering technique, a digital computer based 3D replica is built. The theme also includes the detection of defective skeletal and dental areas by applying the appropriate diagnostic procedures. Based upon the diagnostic outcome, the necessary changes are

executed; manipulation of the virtual 3D image and evaluation of the final result after rectification will be possible.
Keywords – Surgical Planning, Computer aided surgery, 3D
Orthodontics, AAM model, Mandible Separation, Maxilla
Separation, Teeth Separation, FEM, 3D Visualization.

The work under consideration is a Computer Aided
Treatment system (CAT) to help dentists. It introduces 3D
technology for the production of subject’s 3D virtual model in order to make a versatile and operable 3D volume analysis. The system consists of three main phases:
1) A phase for detecting defective skeletal and dental areas by applying appropriate diagnostic procedures (Pre
Treatment Analysis phase).
2) Based upon the diagnostic outcomes, the necessary
changes are executed by the manipulation of the virtual
3D image (2D, 3D Treatment phase).
3) Finally, evaluating the final results after rectification will be possible (Post Treatment Analysis phase).
All these three phases are built around a complete Clinical
Information System that includes the patient personal
information, his medical history, complaints, photos (face)
from different views the X-RAY images, and CT. This data is
received over the treatment period to monitor the treatment
progress. To be able to accomplish such horrendous endower
there is a need to utilize smart digital tools which permit
detachment, manipulation, adjustment of different parts of the skull and reattaching them again.
In this article, we present a system whereby most of these
tools have been established. Novel approaches to segment

and separate the mandible, the maxilla and the teeth are
implemented. An enhanced 3D registration for the
comparison of pre and post treatment is implemented. In the
following sections each phase and all its necessary tools will be discussed.
The system consists of three main phases: Pre- Treatment
Analysis, 2D - 3D Treatment and Post Treatment Analysis
In the Pre-Treatment Analysis phase the dentist detects
defective skeletal and dental areas by applying the
appropriate diagnostic procedures. Among such procedures
are the 2D Cephalometric analyses, 3D Cephalometric,
different types of metric and non-metric measurements, either by simple eye inspection or X-ray or even by CT in some
severe cases.
Cephalometric [1] is a technique that uses oriented
radiographs for the purpose of making head measurements.
Dentists use Cephalometric analysis for pre-treatment
planning, evaluating post-treatment results and growth
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