Patient Information and Billing System

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Dental systems have been around for over 40 years. The system first existed as a subsystem of the more common medical systems used in hospitals. With the computer age quickly developing new technologies, the use of dental system became a growing trend. According to Atkinson, J. in the year of 2000, 85.1% of all dentists in the United States use computers. Most dental clinics confess that the use of such systems is a big help to their company because it speeds up record updates and transaction processing.

Today, dental systems can do a wide range of jobs such as administration management, dental practitioners records management, dental schedules and dental scheduling, patient dental records management, dental billing, dental imaging processing, dental diagnostics, dental treatment helping, computer aided dental education, software for usage of dental instruments and other techniques used in the dental practice. One example of a dental system is classified as a Dental Records Management System. It is the administrative organization of a dental office, including but not limited to the supervision and control of patient flow, staff assignment and evaluation, record keeping and financial overseeing. This type of system is the most common system existing in dental clinics since it combines patient record management, patient billing, dental diagnostics, staff assignment, dental scheduling, making it possible to process and retrieve these information instantly.


The dental practice management system is similar to a dental records management system in terms of functionality and adds the ability to bill patients. It gives the dental clinic the opportunity to offer high and consistent levels of output quality, while improving their productivity through reduction of time consumed and cost. It enables this level of quality by ensuring data integrity and reduces time and budget costs....
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