Patient Gets Procedures Confused

Topics: Surgery, Physician, Medicine Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Patient Gets Procedures Confused
Jessica Adams is scheduled for a colonoscopy with Dr. Reilly. She thinks she is going to surgery but she is really going for a test. I am going to explain how easy it is to confuse colonoscopy with colostomy, especially if you are not well versed in medical terminology. You will also see how important it is to a Biller and Coder to know the difference. Colonoscopy is the process of visually examining the colon with an endoscope. Colostomy is “a surgical procedure making an opening in the colon through the abdominal wall to redirect waste out of the body into an external receptacle ( Breskin, Dumith, Pearsons, Seeman, 2008, pg 73).” When you do not understand what kind of procedure a doctor is going to do, it is always good to ask questions. This would clear up any confusion you may have. Biller and Coders need to make sure that they fill out claims properly. They need to make sure that the claim is documented right and make sure that the right code is assigned for service to be sure to get reimbursed properly. There are different codes for different procedures, so the code has to be correct to get the right amount back. If it is a government-funded program, such as Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare the information given must not be incorrect or it is considered fraud. So it is very important for a Biller and Coder to know the differences in procedures. In conclusion, Jessica should always ask her doctor questions to clarify any procedure she is having done. She would not of had to go through the anxiety of thinking she was going to have the surgery. Being in the Billing and Coder profession it is very important be correct with all codes and knowledgeable in medical terminology to be successful.

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