Patient Focused Care

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Emerging Care models

1. Unit-Based Care Manager - Serving as both a facilitator and mentor, the Unit-Based Care Manager serves as the unit’s “attending” nurse with respect to triage, communications, and all clinical needs. The Care Manager is staffed by a Clinical Nurse Leader

2. Care Transitions Intervention - The Care Transitions Intervention was developed to help improve patient quality and safety during significant transitions in care.

3. Hospital at Home - Hospital at Home relies on the ability to bring diagnostic and therapeutic care technologies and providers into the home setting. While the physician visits daily, the RN serves as the coordinator of care, patient education, and ancillary services.

4. Planetree Patient Centered Care - The holistic care model encourages healing in all dimensions (mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical) and integrates complimentary therapies with conventional medical treatment.

5. Primary Care Coordinator – It is a reconstructed nurse role that enables patient focused interdisciplinary care.

6. Home Healthcare Telemedicine - Home Healthcare Telemedicine relies on placing a nurse in the nontraditional role of managing a patient’s care over a video unit and computer system.

7. Comprehensive Rural Care Collaborative Model - With both their health care professionals and their operational staff, the Comprehensive Rural Care Collaborative Model has established a team environment that embraces innovation, change, and flexibility.

8. Model RN Line - Direct Care RNs and Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) work together as a synchronized primary pair to provide care.

9. Self-Organized Agile Team - A three-person team provides care for a cohort of ten to twelve patients. All team members care for every patient assigned to the team.

10. 12-Bed Hospital - The heart of the 12-Bed Hospital model is new role of Patient Care Facilitator (PCF), an RN who serves...
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