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Patient Centred Care

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Patient Centred Care: What does this mean for us?
Course: Canadian Health Care-Overview
Course Code: MHA 6360

By: Teresa Guolla
Student ID: 6608824

Introduction and Background
In the last ten years the concept of patient centred care has been touted as the future for health care delivery both in Canada and internationally. The traditional concept of healthcare has been the mode of care that the majority of people in North America have been used to. In the traditional model the clinician is an authoritarian figure who is seen as the expert in providing healthcare to patients. Generally the care is provided in hospital settings that have hierarchical systems of authority, even within the team setting. In a traditional setting the care is provided by series of clinicians, or at best a multi-disciplinary group of professionals all addressing their particular areas of expertise. The patient is seen as someone who is powerless and dependent upon the medical professional to give them the knowledge and care they seek.1 The traditional setting is centred on the needs of the provider and what works best to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Approximately thirty years ago the concept of patients as clients and consumers of health care began to be spoken of. In Canada, some of the earliest research and formal creation of systems centred on client care were within the occupational therapy profession.2 The guidelines for client centred practice of occupational therapy, written in 1983 clearly laid out the foundation for clinical care that centred on the client and their needs as the driving force for care. In the 1990’s the Canadian health system as a whole moved towards more interdisciplinary and collaborative care between providers and a recognition of the need to better integrate care. (8) However, it was not until the late 90’s, close to twenty years after the introduction into the OT field that the concept of...

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