Patient Centred Care

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  • Published: February 7, 2011
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In the formative peer view assignment, you were asked to review an article on promoting dignity in healthcare setting and how this forms the basis of patient centred care. Following on from this you are now asked to:- 1. Briefly describe what is meant by the term patient centred care. 2. The following three aspects of patient dignity in healthcare have been selected from figure one of maliti article *Respect

*Making choices
Select two of these aspects and utilising relevant current literature, describe each of these aspects of patient dignity and briefly outline their relevance to patient centred care.

Promoting dignity within a healthcare setting is a very important aspect of health and social care. This forms the basis of a widely used movement called patient centred care. Firstly, it will be explained what is meant by the term patient centred care. Using relevant current literature, two aspects of patient dignity in healthcare will be described, these being respect and confidentiality, and their relevance to patient centred care will be outlined. The concept of dignity will also be discussed briefly. Any legislation that relates to respect, confidentiality and dignity will be cited. Following on from that there will be a conclusion which will just briefly outline all of the information that has been covered previously.

Patient centred care (PCC) is a fundamental aspect that has become very widely used by all healthcare professionals. However it is often misunderstood as it can be a very broad subject. ‘Patient centred care involves taking into account every patient’s point of view, it goes much further than just setting goals with the patient.‘(ponte et al 2003) This in turn encourages shared decision making which enables the patient to feel confident and relaxed about the care they are receiving. PCC ensures that patients are given the correct and appropriate health advice which enables them to make an informed decision...
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