Patient and Family Involvement to Ethical Issue on Care Decision Making

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Patient and Family Involvement to Ethical Issue on Care Decision Making

Decision making is a crucial element in the field of medicine and health care. The physician has to determine what is wrong with the patient and recommend treatment, while the patient has to decide whether or not to seek medical care, and go along with the treatment recommended by the physician.

Patients have both rights and responsibilities when it comes to their health and the health care services they receive. Patients have the right to care, treatment, and services that safeguards their personal dignity and respect their cultural, psychosocial and spiritual values. They have the right to participate in decisions about their care and to set the course of their treatment. This means that patients must be given accurate information. Patients have the right to know their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. Health care professional must discuss all treatment options with their patients, which includes the option of no treatment. Further, they need to know the risks, benefits and potential medical consequences for each treatment option.

Patients and family involvement when it comes to decision making really plays an important role in achieving the best care for the patients. With the guidance of the physician and all the health care staff, the goal for the patient’s wellness and comfort will be achieved. Accompanied with the health service rendered by all the health care staff and physician are the rights of the patient that are to be respected and followed to fully achieved their rights to dignity.

A. Right of Unconscious Patient

All patients, competent or incompetent, with some limited cognitive ability or in a persistent vegetative state, terminally ill or not terminally ill, are entitled to choose whether they want life-sustaining medical treatment. • If the patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to express his/her...
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