Patience; a Panacea for Fruitful Faith

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  • Published : May 29, 2011
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The word’’ PATIENCE’’ can be defined as ‘’THE ABILITY TO STAY CALM AND ACCEPT A DELAY OR SOMETHING ANNOYING WITHOUT COMPLAINING’’. Patience is a fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22). It is also a virtue, so vital that without it, faith may be impotent. There is this saying , that PATIENCE IS GOLDEN. That means PATIENCE is as precious and important as gold. Unfortunately, most Christians lack this virtue, the reason for some unanswered prayers. A lot of people passing through diverse temptations or trials endure their situations, complaining and murmuring. That is endurance not PATIENCE. As long as one complains and murmurs, he or she is not patiently waiting upon the LORD but enduring. It shows that, the person is not sure whether he or she will receive what he or she is believing the LORD for. One is said to be patiently waiting upon the LORD , when one is neither complaining nor murmuring, because he has faith, that no matter the delay ,God will surely keep His promises. God hates it, when we complain or murmur. That was why His anger came upon the Israelites in the wilderness (Numbers 11:1-2). Romans 15:4-5 enjoins us to patiently wait for God’s promises, so that we may receive (Psalm 40:1). Abraham, Joseph and others in the Bible who patiently waited upon the Lord received their expectations. It took Joseph over ten to see his come to manifestation. He went through hardships and diverse temptations before God remembered him. Abraham also had to wait in FAITH for long before God decided to reward for faithful waiting .God himself is patient and longsuffering. As you wait on Him patiently for that miracle, that healing or breakthrough, as you talk to Him(Praying),make sure you listen to Him(Meditation). Meditate on His promises concerning your expectations and as long as it is in line with His word, He will surely remember you. Just make sure you hear Him, for His responses are ever comforting. REMAIN RAPTURABLE IN...
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