Patience, Honesty and Compassion Are the Keys Towards Creating a Better World to Live.

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Patience , honesty and compassion are the keys towards creating a better world to live In this advanced and modern twenty-first centuries, technologies are advancing beyond our imagination, from sky scrapers to magnetic bullet train, from biological sciences to space exploration. What more could you ask for? But yet, competition is so intense to remain at the top. People are becoming more and more individualistic, materialistic and ruthless. If they could not achieve their goal by proper means, they would resort to cheating, blackmailing or even killing. It is becoming obvious that selfishness, greed and cruelty are steadily creeping into the very heart of our conscience. Therefore, it is crucial for moral values to be instilled in society, regardless of whoever or wherever one is. In this case, parents play the most important role in shaping a good ethical foundation for their children since young. As a start, parents must be good role model in practising good values so that their children can grow up to be noble people. They would be more sporting in facing defamation issued. They would be more understanding and are able to be more aware of other’s feelings. With their mature thinking, they would not be easily led towards the wrong path. In this business world, an ethical businessman would not resort to dirty tactics no matter how tight the situation is because they understand that no matter how powerful or wealthy a business empire is, everything comes back to trust. Trust from their investors, trust from their clients and trust in himself. Some businessman such as the former Thailand Prime Minister, Thaksin, abuses his political authority to benefit his own business empire. Though this is unethical, it is not considered a crime he has lost the confidence from and trust from his supporters. In life, not everything is about to grab the trophy, for the greatest success is to triumph in adversity and stand up and try again. In this rat race, employees race to...
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