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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Diversity Lottery change my life for the better

I have never won any lottery before as at the age of 35. As a game of chance I was not a Kean player for the simple reason of not becoming addicted . I have watched people who has lost both fortunes and precious time through lottery. But on the 15th July 1996 I became a proud winner of a diversity, which changed my life forever . the day started as just like one of those ordinary days. Life as usual back home in Ghana, has always been a struggle from dawn to dusk. I have just settled down from lunch break when this big white envelope was delivered to me by one of our companies clerks register.

Initially , I mistakenly considered the package for business work as usual . more data organization . after a close scrutiny and careful examination, it turns out to be a letter from the united states department of naturalization and citizenship. For I have been short listed among another 55,00 applicants to receive a green card from the American consulate in Accra, Ghana . my adrenaline hormones were at its peak normally applications to this program are submitted a year before the results are posted . I have completely forgotten about what this fateful day were life was about to take a whole new direction. I don’t remember how I got home that day, but I managed to make it home anyway , after a couple stops to refresh myself with a bottle of beer and kabob . The party mode has already begun.

What I have considered inconceivable has become inevitable at least I have been denied of visitors visa to the us on several occasions; but this time it was a different ball game altogether . the process for the acquisition of this kind of...
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