Paths of Glory: Film Review

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Paths of Glory: Film Review
1. Brief Summary
The film Paths of Glory released in 1957 is an anti-war movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. It is based on the novel Paths of Glory written by Humphrey Comb. Having been set during the First World War, the film tells the story of Colonel Dax, who was the French commanding officer during the period. The film begins with a classical voiceover explaining the trench warfare which characterized the world war. General Broulard asks General Mireau to send his troops on a mission to fight the Anthill, a well-defended German ground. Mireau disagrees because he knows they will definitely lose (Paths of Glory). However, promised to be promotion, he takes his men to fight the Germans but it is very clear that they would lose. Colonel Dax is given the detailed plan of this attack but he protests since the army is quite weak. The attack proceeds but it results in disaster since none of the solders gets to the trenches held by the Germans. Eventually, Mireau holds a court martial aimed at punishing the soldiers for their cowardice. Corporal Paris is chosen by Lt. Roget for the martial so that he may not testify in court. However, Dax is aware of this move and the next morning he is informed by Captain Rousseau about Mireau’s order and the reason he disobeyed. The final stages result in the execution of three men including Paris and Dax had successfully defended his men for the failed attack. His soldiers eventually enjoy the performance by a German woman (Paths of Glory). This film narrates the story of Colonel Dax’s soldiers after they refused to obey orders that would result in a suicidal mission. Colonel Dax successfully defends the soldiers against charges of cowardice. 2. Brief Description of Main Characters

i. Colonel Dax: Dax is the commanding officers in the film but he is aware that his soldiers will not win and the reason he tells General Mireau the same thing. Having being a civilian defense attorney, he manages to...
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