Topics: Southern United States, Jim Crow laws, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Zinnetta Reeves
Comp 1
Mrs. Young
20 April 2013
In viewing African American Culture ethics should be valued and what this culture stands for. African Americans have fought hard to be who they are. This culture is very important but is it important to other cultures? Why are African Americans downgraded as culture? Pathos is the best rhetorical approach in discussing topics African American Culture because through emotion is the best way to understand this culture.

The rhetorical approach when dealing with the African American Culture the best way is through pathos. This culture should be dealt with through the feelings of emotion so audiences can come to feel and understand the historical past that is so important to African American Culture an era in which this culture by once many people turned against because of the fight to prove that the African American Culture deserved a chance. African American culture brings strength, emotions, and perseverance.

Strength through pathos in African American culture was displayed through fight to sustain the culture through integrity in which a lot of other cultures thought that fighting wasn’t a way to keep the African American culture alive. In order to understand this culture it should be done in a culture way by reading books, visiting African American museums, or just by talking to some African Americans. African American Culture has paved a way for a lot of other cultures because this culture was once not considered it was torn down through discrimination and it was a fight to get the African American Culture to stand against other cultures. When using pathos with African American culture it would be the only way to go in this culture there where a lot of emotional things that were done and through pathos this is the only way to understand how the ethics of this culture is still relevant.
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