Path Goal Theory Review

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The search for competitive advantage has highlighted an increased emphasis on leadership skills being a major contributor to the success of a firm. This module seeks to assess the relevance of classical theory and explore modern research and psychology to establish how organisations balance management with leadership and what types of leadership are necessary for the effective management of people.

Overall Aim(s) for the Module

To: appraise the overall context of leadership and to evaluate the implications of different leadership styles and management/leadership balances on corporate success.

extend students’ capacity to investigate and analyse leadership and management issues using appropriate research techniques, reasoned debate and to document opinions and observations in a coherent way using case study material.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the successful completion of this module you will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

• Discuss, compare and contrast the concept of leadership style and skills in different corporate environments.

• Evaluate the balance of management skills with leadership skills and debate the merits of both with regards to profit and people focus.

• Prepare a critical analysis of the leadership/management mix/style and psychology in a real work environment and suggest recommendations to improve it.

Subject - specific Skills

• Choose a selection of the models, concepts and techniques in the relevant literature and use them to interpret and analyse their observations at individual, group and organisational level.

• Participate in a group presentation to their peers on the evaluation of classic theory in today’s workplace, recommend improvement and demonstrate original thinking.

Key Skills

• Work and negotiate as part of a team

• Refine levels of critical thinking

• Increase observational ability (in the workplace)

NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment)

The use and impact of technology on the way we deliver, encourage and facilitate your learning and development is changing rapidly. Much of the information you will need for this module will be on NILE.

There will be postings on the module board for each of the broad areas “taught” on the lecture programme. I will endeavour to put all (or most) of the powerpoint slides I will be using in the lectures on NILE, prior to the lecture. However, I will not necessarily be putting the full set of slides for each lecture on the site – for you to make (and gain) full meaning of the topic you will need to attend the lecture. There will also be suggested reading and some really useful websites and links which really will help you.

Teaching Team

Hugh Davenport, Module Co-ordinator. Lectures and seminars.
Office - C122.
Telephone - ext. 2178
E.mail –
Hugh has an appointment system which is bookable with Cottesbrooke Reception. Times for booking are also advertised by his office door. Please use this system, simply “dropping in” for a group or one-to-one discussion does not always allow me to give you my full attention. If the issue you need to see me about is simple and easily solvable, try e.mailing me first.

Teaching Programme


30.09.09Introduction + Classic LeadershipLeadership video

FOR THE “BOOK BEES” SESSION – Week Commencing 12th October In Learning Sets, research a new or existing book/chapter/article/journal article (as “off beat” as you like) – speed read and skim the chosen material. Produce ONE Powerpoint slide which encapsulates the key points, strengths and weaknesses, findings. This is “presented” to your seminar colleagues, in no more than FIVE minutes.

07.10.09Situational & Contingency“Boss Swap”
Defining Leadership or
do we mean Management?...
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