Path-Goal Theory

Topics: Leadership, Management, Reinforcement Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: March 1, 2013

The main idea behind House’s path-goal theory is the fact that leader can be effective if he or she will support the followers, remove barriers for them, reward followers and make as easy as possible for them to achieve companies and personal goals. Analyzing coach Krzyzewski by path-goal theory one can see that he is a great example of using this particular theory. Path-goal theory contains in itself four leadership styles as directive leadership, supportive leadership, participative leadership and achievement oriented leadership. Coach K. is working in each of those styles depending of situation. According to the article coach K. was not only trainer but also a special advisor for the University’s president and lead spokesman for the school. He teaches characters as well as coaches basketball team. During any game each team player knew their place and the goal and had very clear understanding of coach’s K. expectations. All of that came from their leader and this particular style can be described as directive. Also coach K. very often sets challenging goals for followers and expect them to demonstrate confidence in their ability to reach his expectations. “Hey, we are going to be great tonight” (Coach K.). This style can be described as achievement oriented. Another supporting fact for creating achievement is that his team won Sears National Trophies. Coach K. is often uses supportive style. He is very friendly, approachable and respectful. Great example can be the situation when Mr. Hurley had an accident coach K. came to see how he was doing across the country (Coach K.). Coach K uses participating leadership because he provides discipline not only in drills but also teaching the team how to become best by analyzing practices, strategies and games. He provides assistance in very participating manner and also uses team members advise to make decisions. But even though coach K. has relationship with team and assistants of the coach in critical times he...
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