Paternity Leave for Me

Topics: Mother, Infant, Breastfeeding Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Issue: Parental leave (either parent being able to take 12 weeks off work unpaid after their children are born). Suzanne Field in her essay gives five reasons why parental leave is a myth. Men cannot feed children with breast milk, Fields observes. Fathers are “not recovering from carrying extra pounds for nine month,” they haven’t experienced labor pains, “and their bodies are not trying to deal with changing hormones and the flow of mother’s milk,” Fields argues.(3) Men should be out working to support their families financially, she contends, not staying at home and “burping Junior.” “If Congress mandates that society look upon both parents as equals after childbirth,” Fields suggests, “why shouldn’t we expect mommy to go back to work as soon as daddy does?” (7) She prefers the Family Protection Act, which “asks companies to show a hiring preference to those who have been out of the work force for up to six years because they chose to raise children.” (10) The theory Suzanne Fields argues in her essay “parental Leave Is a Myth-take” is about that mothers must stay at home and raise children, and fathers have to work and support their families. Now days, the world is changing, and a lot of moms have great job and make more money. As a result, fathers can stay 12 weeks at home and take care about newborn baby. In this essay I will against Fields position. In most families mothers stay home and” provide the primary care for a newborn baby,” but fathers have this opportunity too. In addition, Government-mandated have a law for parental leave bill. (3) Men cannot breastfeed newborn children naturally, but they can use special supplies for this. Mothers are ones who can breastfeed the baby. However, sometime the conditions are difficult, and fathers can feed newborn babies instead the mothers. Now days are lots of special supplies to help parents keep breast milk fresh. Fathers can use froze milk to feed newborn baby, or mothers can use breast pump and get milk...
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