Pate Memorial Hospital

Topics: Hospital, Competition, Physician Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Problem statement
Pate Memorial Hospital is a 600-bed, independent, not-for-profit, self-supporting hospitals. PHC, an ambulatory health care facility, was opened by PMH. Sherri Worth, a new assistant administrator of Pate Memorial Hospital in charge of the PHC, was told that a firm plan establishes a clinic five blocks north of PHC. It is a big competitor for PHC. On the other hand, financial problems, Short service hours, long waiting time and lacking of gynecological services are all be the problem faced by Worth. Therefore, Sherri was requested to analyze the PHC’s performance and take Medcenter, a possible competitor, into consideration which either did or not opens a clinic in north. SWOT analysis

Strengths| Weaknesses|
* PMH is financially stronger than most of the metropolitan-based hospital. It is debt-free and has highest overall occupancy rate among the city’s six general hospitals strength the support to PHC. * 50% of office workers are willing to visit PHC if necessary. 44% of business-initiated visits. * Approximately 5% of visits in each month were repeat visits. * The referrals objective was met means it brought more patients to hospital.| * Because of hinting at crass commercialism, No adverting or other types of promotion are planned. * Bad debt of PHC needs to be decreased. * Patients still dissatisfy with service hours. * Waiting time is too long, particularly during the lunch hours (11:00 A.M-2:00 P.M.) * Lack of gynecological services.| Opportunities| Threats|

* Population in the area where PHC located was expected to grow 6% per year. * Increasingly depend on inner-city residents who have a higher median age and higher incidence of Medicare coverage. * 20% more personal illness visits next year than last year. * Construction in the downtown area had stimulated worker’s compensation activity and then employment physicals would grow.| * Growth of population in the suburban * Potential...
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