Patco Strike

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  • Published : July 7, 2012
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PATCO Strike
Andrea Leak
Webster University


This research paper will inspect one of the most important events in the late twentieth century within the United States labor history. It has transformed the labor relations development to altitudes. President Ronald Reagan, in 1981 dismissed of approximately eleven thousand employees of the Professional Air Traffic Controller Organization (PATCO). It stood out as an event of unmatched worth during the labor decline era. The PATCO strike was among the expensive in the United States. Although, the PATCO strike was not the largest in history for America, it was substantial enough to involve eleven thousand air traffic controllers employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Professional Air Traffic Controller Organization was originated in 1968 with support of attorney and pilot F. Lee Bailey. The details regarding the history, the union, and the procedures during the strike will be discussed. Accordingly, I will briefly review aspects including, but not limiting, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

PATCO Strike
PATCO history
Earlier to their actual instituting in 1958, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was under scrutiny for air traffic safety regarding defective equipment and outdated equipment from salvaged warships that were used to direct air traffic. This took place during the time that radars were not customary. There were several air tragedies that occurred, causing the federal government to provide money to upgrade the air traffic control systems. The federal government decided it was in the best interest of PATCO to receive training. Other support functions were placed into the hands of the FAA due to the prototype; the Civil Aeronautics Authority whom was discredited and replaced (Shostak & Skocik, 1986). FAA history

The culture of the FAA never adapted well to the introduction of unions and collective bargaining in the federal service in...
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