Patch Adams

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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A Reflection Paper on Patch Adams

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Bivek Singh

Patch Adams is a hero of science and a noble being of the field of medicine. Hero is a person who is something more than a typical dictionary defines. A hero is not just anyone. He is special. And I consider Patch Adams as one of them. Born into a strict military-like family and hurdling over many obstacles, Patch managed to complete his medical degree. He was even admitted to a mental hospital for some time in his lifetime. The patients in the hospital changed him, especially one of them. One of the patients, who were suffering from loneliness, made Adams realize that he was loved and he was not lonely; he had friends. Also in the hospital, he realized his passion; he became self-aware of himself that he meant for something more than just living his life, something bigger like healing people with laughter. For this, he enrolled himself in a medical school and graduated from it. Patch went on to start making his one dream into a reality. He believed that the medical system was twisted and that it cheated poor people. So, he decided that he wanted to build a hospital. His Gesundheit Institute is not completely perfected, but it is up and running. I admire Patch Adams for his courage, his efforts on bringing smile to faces, and his ideals regarding the health care system. Most importantly I appreciate and admire his self-awareness. His girlfriend ditched him and he thought of committing suicide many times. But soon he realized that he was suffering from depression and needed a medical attention. Later in the asylum, through the help of one of the patients, he came to realize his presence and the meaning of his life. He became self-aware of his goals, ambitions and passions in his life. His friend in the mental asylum made him aware of his passion of treating people with laughter and healing them of their sickness. So, finally he set his foot forth toward his ambition in life and is still devoted...
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