Pat Summit: Good or Bad Role Model?

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Pat Summit: Good or Bad Role Model?
There is always so much talk about how there are many famous women that are not good role models to younger women. How can parents expect for their young daughters to become someone important in life when they allow them to watch famous women that always appear to be oversexual and overrated. Many people do not know that there are many older women that can be an excellent role model for younger women; varying from graceful dancing to hardball sports.

One well known role model for young women that love the game of basketball is Patricia Sue Head also known as Pat Summitt. Pat Summitt grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee on a farm with her parents and four other siblings. Summitt and her family lived from crop to crop and were low on cash; except for when tobacco came around. Summitt was five foot nine in the third grade. She continued to go to school and get her grades. When Pat entered high school, her father moved her family six mile across the county line to Henrietta so she could play basketball.

When Pat Summitt went off to college, her parents had to pay her way into the University of Tennessee-Martin because during the year of 1970, scholarships were not given out to female athletics. Pat Summitt continued to work towards getting her degree and she graduated with a B.S. in physical education in 1974. Pat Summitt became the head coach of the University’s women’s basketball team after she had a serious knee injury during her fourth game of her final season as a player at Tennessee. Pat Summitt gained her master’s degree in physical education while serving as the head coach of the basketball coach. Pat Summitt became the first coach of the U.S. Junior National basketball team after her Olympic win.

Pat Summitt has made plenty of accomplishments in her life while she was growing into a better person. WBCA/Converse Coach of the Year, 1983, 1995; Naismith College Coach of the Year, 1987, 1989, 1994, 1998; John Bunn...
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