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Binaylan Manobo is a Higaonon and Agusanon Manobo tribal dance that depicts the movement of a hawk, a hen, and her banog or baby chicks. The tribe killed the sacred and powerful hawk which tried to capture one of the chicks.

Kadal Tahaw originated in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. This dance is performed by the T'boli during planting and harvesting which shows the flights and hops of the tahaw bird.

Binaylan-hinaklaran A ritual dance of the Umayamnon tribe performed by the baylan during full moon, asking for blessings or thanksgiving. The tribe have receive after a good harvest and good life or to appease bad spirits from a sick person.

Bobodsil Kayumatan is a courtship dance among the Matigsalug of Southern Bukidnon. This dance depicts the courtshipof birds in flight.

The female bird will follow the male bird and in return the male bird respond.

Binaylan Pulangihon,” a ritual dance of Central Bukidnon usually performed during full moon after a good harvest.

Binakbak,” imitating the movements of frogs to entertain guests.

(Festival of Isulan)
Every month of September, the municipality of Isulan is conducting the PASUNDAYAG FESTIVAL to celebrate its Foundation Anniversary. ISULANONS believe that the wealth of arts and culture is expressed in many forms and in so many kinds. The PASUNDAYAG Festival showcases the skills and talents in literary, musical and cultural aspects of the constituents both the young and the old. It is not only unique but is reflective of a special talent in the person as well. The PASUNDAYAG also depicts the thanksgiving festival of its residents who are mostly engaged in agriculture. This includes rice and corn farming, vegetables and crops production including the famous African palm which has contributed a lot to the utilization of its by-products as construction materials – the uniquely woven ”kalakat” known all over Mindanao. The festival is divided into two parts: the first part shows the different...
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