Pastor Ronald Ixaac Hubbard's Passion for Jesus Christ

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Knowing about the bible does not make you pastor or a Christian. Learning about Jesus at a young does not make you one neither. However, believing and having faith in Jesus does make you closer to him. An ordinary person can be called by Jesus, or given instruction by him. However, it takes faith and a firm belief in God to be considered a Christian. There is only one way to know that your destiny is designed by God. If God calls you to do something and you are successful at doing it, you have started a successful journey with God. Overseer Ronald Ixaac Hubbard is unrelenting in his passion for Jesus Christ. The zeal, knowledge and power he brings to ministry belies his youth. At thirty-one (31) years of age he is a highly experienced preacher and teacher of the Gospel. Called to preach at the age of ten (10), Pastor Hubbard found solace in searching the Scriptures and scouring his father’s Bible commentaries. On June 14, 1986, with his father Bishop Robert L. Hubbard Sr’s approval, the eleven year old delivered his trail sermon, “Ready for the Rapture.” His amazing expository, replete with Hebrew and Greek translations, confirmed his calling and impressed the critics. The ambition he demonstrated has set the stage for his current evangelistic pursuits. Pastor Hubbard is a widely sought after evangelist, prophet, teacher and psalmist; invitations from around the world consistently pour into the office of 4 Real Ministries (4RM) offering him the opportunity to spread the gospel. A portion of Pastor Hubbard’s vision include a leadership training/mentoring program for young men ( 4 Real Frat); an arts enrichment program (4 Real Music and Arts Factory); a prison ministry (4 Real Freedom) and Pastor Hubbard has also teamed up with his brothers (Robert Jr. and Rodney) to establish 4 Real Productions and Hubb Town Records Inc. Having studied theology at Jarvis Christian College and Ashland Theological Seminary, Pastor Hubbard now plans to return to complete a Master’s...
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