Topics: Culture, South Korea, Korean Peninsula Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: February 4, 2013
In this short research paper I will be discussing what World Vision does in South Korea. I will also analyse the culture of South Korea. I will further analyse the South African Culture especially Xhosa culture, the one I am familiar with because South Africa has many cultures and 11 official languages. This South African and South Korean cultures will be compared and contrasted. The most important cultural patterns will be identified, described and discussed which would influence communication between cultures. Finally, I will suggest strategies to overcome potential barriers to successful development projects to enhance communication. South Korea: World Vision

The person behind World Vision was its founder, Reverend Robert Pierce, a pastor and missionary whose personal efforts became a global movement of impressive proportions. Pierce, in his early 30s, joined Youth for Christ, a missionary organization. He became involved on his first international tour in 1947, bound for China, where four months of evangelical rallies were planned. The trip marked a turning point in his life, one observed by his daughter in a book she published about her father. "My father went to China a young man in search of adventure," Marilee Pierce Dunker wrote in a passage excerpted in the March 2005 issue of Christianity Today. "He came home a man with a mission."

When Pierce arrived in China, he began preaching at different and diverse churches , quickly attracting audiences in the thousands and earning a reputation as a fiery evangelist. One sermon proved to be the catalyst for a multibillion-dollar organization with a global reach. A missionary invited Pierce to preach to the children of a mission school. In attendance was a young girl named White Jade who was galvanized and taken up by Pierce's words. Shequickly went home to tell her father of her newfound belief in Jesus Christ and her father responded by beating her and throwing her out of the house, ordering...
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