Pastimes: Television and Pastime Indoors

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday
Sharon Mancini
St. Gregory’s University

Children’s Pastimes Today and Yesterday
Children spend their pastime indoors entertained by electronic gadgets, video games, computers, and television today. It was only a few decades ago when children spent their pastime outside in the fresh air playing, building forts, and being active. With the advancement of technology, the way children spend their pastime today is much different from yesterday. Today children spend their pastime watching TV, playing on Gameboy, Playstation, listening to their Ipods, and surfing the World Wide Web. Children are not as active as they once were and because of this, the obesity rate in children is on the rise. Children are surrounded by the latest technology, rather than open a book and do homework; children connect to their schools’ website to do their homework. Everything is at their fingertips. Instead of going outside to play baseball or golf, all children have to do is plug in their Nintendo Wii and play virtual baseball or golf in their living room. Cable today has several TV channels exclusively for children. Disney, Nick Jr., Noggin, and Cartoon Network have something for every age group twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Every household today has at least two or three TVs; therefore, a TV is always available to watch. With such a selection in programming, why would they want to do anything else? Today there is a significant increase in households consisting of single working parents or two working parents. The TV and video games have become the babysitter while the parents are working. Parents are spending less time with their children today and children spend their pastime indoors being entertained with the latest technology. Yesterday children did not have this technology available to them....
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