Pasta and Noodles

Topics: Pasta, Macaroni, Eating Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: December 19, 2012
For whatever reason, some days just require a little extra comfort, and for me, this comfort is often in the form of a favorite food. Comfort food is something that is easy to grab, yet connects positively to your life and fulfills your needs. My comfort food is noodles because it is something that has been around my life and has been a favorite since my young years. Noodles have been a common dinner in my family due to the fact that everybody loves them, and I believe that this is why I am so intrigued by them. I will eat noodles whether it is a bowl boiled into a spaghetti dish, or, my personal favorite, eaten crunchy and raw right out of the box. My comforting go-to food is noodles and it has been an admiration in my life for quite some time.

A dinner with noodles in my house is not a rare occurrence, usually about two or three times a week, and this has been a constant thing for my whole life. Noodles remind me of a childhood full of loving family dinners, and that plants a sense of security in me. Raw noodles on the other hand, although seeming quite strange to eat, have become an avid addiction in my life. When I was little, my mother ate raw noodles right out of the noodle jar, and the habit quickly formed on me as well and still sticks with me today. Raw noodles are an easy snack to nibble on whilst I am doing simple things or, for example, writing a college essay (*crunch, crunch*). Noodles have been consistent in my family and my life for quite some time.

My comfort food is noodles because it has been a constant favorite for my entire life, and the memories that come along with it give me a sense of security. Whether it is a bowl of spaghetti for a family dinner or a handful of raw, crunchy elbow macaroni noodles, it is easily something that brings me much joy. No food will ever compare to the love that I have for my wonderful comfort food, noodles.
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