Past Tense

Topics: Past tense, Grammatical tense, RMS Titanic Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Past Tense Review 2
Simple Past / Past Continuous
Exercise 1

1. Sandy is in the living room watching drama series. At this time yesterday, she (watch, also) was also watching drama series. That’s all she ever does!

2. After I (find) found the wallet full of money, I (go, immediately) was immediately going to the police and (turn) turning it in.

3. The doctor (say) said that Tom (be) was too sick to go to work and that he (need) needed to stay at home for a couple of day.

4. Sebastian (arrive) arrived at Susan’s house a little before 9.00PM, but she (be, not) was not there. She (study, at the library) was studying at the library for her final examination in French.

5. I (watch) was watching a mystery movie on TV when the electricity went out. Now I am never going to find out how the movie ends.

6. Sharon (be) was in the room when John told me what happened, but she didn’t hear anything because she (listen, not) was not listening.

7. It’s strange that you (call) called because I (think, just) was just thinking about you.

8. The Titanic (cross) was crossing the Atlantic when it (strike) stroke an iceberg.

9. Samantha (live) was living in Berlin for more than two years. In fact, she (live) lived there when the Berlin Wall came down.

10. A: What (you, do) were you doing when the accident occurred? B: I (try) was trying to change a light bulb that had burnt out. Exercise 2

Last night, while I (do) was doing my homework, Angela (call) called_. She said she (call) called me on her cell phone from her biology classroom at UCLA. I asked her if she (wait) was waiting for class, but she (say) said that the professor was at the front of the hall lecturing while she (talk) was talking to me. I couldn’t believe she (make) made a phone call during the lecture. I asked what was going on.

She said her biology professor was so boring that several of the students (sleep, actually) actually was sleeping in...
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