Past, Present, and Future

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My Past, Present, and Future
Robert Tucker
PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment
Megan McLaughlin
3 November 2012

I. What was my family like growing up?

A. Military family
B. Oldest of nine children
C. Parents’ divorce and mother’s absence
II. Things that I remember about my childhood?
A. Going bowling as a family
B. Making good friends
C. Changing schools a lot due to moving around
D. Playing baseball in Japan
III. Jobs that I have had?
A. Cook at Burger King
B. Working at the Post Office
IV. My personal, professional goals and academic goals?
A. Being a role model to my children
B. Making the promotion list on the 1st look
C. Making Deans list while earning my college degree

My Past, Present, and Future
I am thirty seven years old and I never thought I would have to write a paper about my childhood and my adulthood. I will present a brief description on how I moved around the world when I was young due to being a military child. How I graduated from a school that was overseas. The very first job that I had once I graduated from High School and before I joined the United States Army was working at Burger King as a food service member. I will present this paper on the theories that I learned during this class on Adulthood theories. I grew up in a military family. My dad was in the United States Air Force for 20 years. I was born in England. After being there for a three years my father was stationed in Florida. While in Florida, I remember playing soccer as a child. The team I played for ended up and playing at the city championship game. I was only seven years old then. When I turned eight my father was again sent to Japan. While in Japan, I played baseball for two different teams. The one team I played for was for little league only when we played fellow American teams. The other team I played for we traveled all over Japan playing Japanese children. It was a lot of fun playing against other cultures and learning about them and their sportsmanship. The first time I played against them, I never saw a curve ball thrown before. Not only did I have to learn how to play baseball, but I also learned good sportsmanship. I was playing baseball seven days a week during my summer months. Also in Japan my family was involved in the bowling league that was on the military base. I had the opportunity to meet some professional bowlers when I was thirteen. The reason why I got to meet them was during the winter season we had a tournament in which I won. After our time in Japan, my father was stationed in England once again. While in England, I attended Junior High and also High School. When I was sixteen my parents got divorce. I took a lot on my shoulders during this time frame, because my father was working a lot of hours and I also had a job in the summer time. The money I was making was going to my dad for bills. When I turned seventeen my dad got re-married while he was stationed in England. My step mom had five kids of her own. During my childhood I went to many schools. I ended up going to four different high schools during my high school life.

The jobs I have had as a teenager was very crucial for me. I first started off working at the post office during high school. I was working there five days a week. It was one of the classes that I had to take. It was only two hours a day but it showed the importance of being dedicated to your job and the responsibility that you have to have when working in a demanding job. After High School graduation, I than got a job working at Burger King. While Working at Burger King, I had many jobs inside the corporation. I had to learn on how to work as a team member and also work on customer service. I also had to learn on how to control my emotions. While working in a customer service job, the one thing that we don’t...
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