Past and Future Life

Topics: Family, Mother, Stepfamily Pages: 8 (1547 words) Published: April 2, 2011
My Past, and Future Life

Tammy V. Mason


Marshall Crawford

January 29, 2011

Here I am 36 years old and writing a paper on my past, present and future life.

In this paper I will present a brief description of a few of my life experiences that I

faced growing up. I will also look ahead to the goal I want to accomplish in the future.

I grew up in a military family, My father was in the U.S. Army at the Air Force

Base in Fayetteville, NC about 2 hours from Jacksonville where he and his family was

living. My father and mother met in Jacksonville and from there the rest is history.

My earliest childhood memories were growing up between Jacksonville and

Georgia. I was the youngest of 2. My dad continued to serve in the Army but for

whatever reasons he and my mother decided to divorce. At that point my mother packed

me and my sister up and moved back to Georgia to live with her parents for a while.

While living there with my grandparents my sister and I never got along she would

always do things and blame me for it. I remember one night after eating dinner my

sister got up to put her dishes in the sink in the kitchen, so I came in behind her but as I

walked up into the kitchen I saw her turning the gas stove on (and you know to use a

gas stove you have to light it) she then walked out of the kitchen, so I stayed in there

and washed my dishes up but, before I could finish my mother came in and said that she

smelled gas, so I told her that my sister was in here messing with the stove, my mother

called my sister in the kitchen to find out what happened and of course my sister sat

there and lied and said that I turned the stove on. I then tried to tell my mother that my

sister was lying on me but she didn't want to believe anything that I was saying so I got

into trouble for something I didn't do. I was never able to tell my side of a story because

the first thing my mother would say was shut up because I don't believe a word you are


As I got older and into my teenage years I started experiencing things and seeing a

lot of things for myself. I started sneaking out to hang out with my friends, I went to

parties, sleep overs just so I could get out the house. I wanted to have a boyfriend but

my mother told me that I was to young to date.

At the age of 16 , I had gotten pregnant I kept it a secret for a very long time, I continued to go to school and work. One day someone called my mother and told her

that she may want to take me to the doctor and check to see if I'm pregnant. Well a few

days later My stepfather and I was in a car accident and I had to go to the Hospital and

get x-rays on my knee because it had gotten busted up in the accident. So when the

nurse came in my mother was asked to step out the room and the nurse started giving

me a physical and I told her that I believed that I was pregnant and she said well that's

funny you say that because your mother wanted me to do a pregnancy test on you. I

asked the nurse not to say anything to my mother at that point and the nurse told me that

she couldn't do that so I immediately got scared of what was going to happen next. My

mother was told the news about me being pregnant and she was not happy at all. I

couldn't go back to school because I was unable to walk on my leg from the accident

but that really wasn't the real reason it was because my mother didn't want to many

other people knowing but they already knew what was going on. Well a few weeks went

by and one morning my mother came and woke up it had to be around 3:00am so I got

up without any questions my mother , stepfather and I all got into he car and left, I had

no idea where we were going so I ended up falling back to sleep until we reached our

destination and when we got there my mom asked me “Do you know where we are?”...
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