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  • Published: June 25, 2013
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Project Report



Project work submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirement for the award of the degree

Master of Computer Applications



( Regd.No: XXXXXXXX )

Under the Guidance of


(Project Coordinator, XXXXXXXXXXX)



This is to certify that this project entitled “XXXXXXXXXXXX” is a bonafide work carried out by XXXXXXXX bearing Hall Ticket No: xxxxx in XXXXXXXXXXXXX. And submitted to XXXXX University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Computer Applications.

Project GuideExternal Examiner Principal


“Task successful” makes everyone happy. But the happiness will be gold without glitter if we didn’t state the persons who have supported us to make it a success.
Success will be crowned to people who made it a reality but the people whose constant guidance and encouragement made it possible will be crowned first on the eve of success.
This acknowledgement transcends the reality of formality when we would like to express deep gratitude and respect to all those people behind the screen who guided, inspired and helped me for the completion of our project work. I consider myself lucky enough to get such a good project. This project would add as an asset to my academic profile. I would like to express my thankfulness to my project guide, Mr. XXXXX for his constant motivation and valuable help through the project work, and I express my gratitude to Mr. XXXXXXX, Director of XXXXXXXXX, Hyderabad, for his constant supervision, guidance and co-operation through out the project.

I also extend my thanks to my Team Members for their co-operation during my course.
Finally I would like to thanks...
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