Topics: Judaism, Passover, Passover Seder Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Explain the history, Practices, symbolism and religious significance of pesach. In your concluding paragraph(s) suggest how might the observance of pesach might reinforce Jewish identity. Passover or as the Hebrews would say Pesach is one of the most significant festivals in the Jewish faith. The name itself has many different symbolic meanings of Passover ‘God ‘passed over’ the houses of the israelites’. To understand the Passover is to understand its historical relevance in the Jewish community. Around 300 years ago the ancient Jews were enslaved to ‘Pharaoh in Egypt and God brought them out of bondage with an outstretched arm and a mighty hand’. There is a strong symbolism of freedom and deliverance in the lesson of the Passover. The festival of Passover lasts for around a week and is normally celebrated around the time of March or April every year the ‘heart of pesach is the seder, a special meal eaten on the first evening to celebrate freedom’. During this night all the family will gather and the story of there liberation will be told. The story of the Exodus begins in ancient Egypt in which the Jews where under the slavery of the Pharaoh and Moses or Moshe killed a slave driver after witnessing him beating a slave, he then fled and began a new life. However during the story it is told that ‘God spoke to him out of a burning bush whose flames did not go out. God told him to meet the Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Let my people go’ This then led on to Moshe pleading for the freedom of his people and ‘after being smitten by ten plagues’ they were allowed there freedom. However, the story concludes with the Pharaoh changing his mind and going after them it is then when Moshe famously parted the red sea, the Egyptians being taken under by the sea and the Jews passing safely onto dry land ‘saved at the sea, the Israelites sand a song to celebrate their salvation’. The seder night is a meal normally held on the first night of the Passover but some familes...
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