Passive Smoking

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Building Image
Assessment 2

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This report will explore the importance of corporate image. To begin with, this essay will explain what corporate image is, and explore the benefits of a positive corporate image. After that, there will be a discussion on how to build a positive corporate image. From this discussion, it will be seen that the most important aspects of corporate image relate not only to how a company wants people to perceive it, but to the way a company behaves and whether it is viewed as socially responsible in the eyes of the community. A leader requires unique qualities that definitely cannot be acquired overnight. Leadership skills is a process that demands a great amount of hours, experience and self-motivation. A good definition of leadership is that a leader is the one responsible in carving a way to achieve a common goal. This essay will argue that leaders are definitely made and not born.However, some say that a leader is born with all the are definitely made and not born.However, some say that a leader is born with all the attributes necessary in becoming a master in the field of leadership. Although this may be true, still there is no scientific proof that will support this statement. Furthermore, standard of education, superb skills, and an infectious optimism play an integral role in producing a great leader.

What is Corporate Image
Corporate image has been described as the configuration of perceptions in people’s minds that represent a company and what it stands for (Vanhamme, Lindgreen, Reast & Popering 2012). Traditionally, corporate images took the form of logos, symbols, advertising messages and slogans (Kleyn, Abratt, Chip & Goldman 2012). However, more recently, the idea of corporate image has come to incorporate a more wholistic picture of the way corporations present themselves in the eyes of relevant stakeholder groups which includes investors, customers, suppliers and the general community (Kleyn, Abratt, Chip & Goldman 2012). Thus corporate image has come to include all the features of a company that distinguish or differentiate a company from others in the market place, and that all stakeholders use to form an understanding of the company and its identity within the greater community (Vanhamme, Lindgreen, Reast & Popering 2012). This definition therefore includes not only how the company wants to be perceived in the market place, or what deliberate efforts it makes to project an image, but also the opinions that individuals draw from observing a company, the things it does, it products and marketing activities and, importantly, its ethical and socially responsible behaviour (Prasertsang, Ussahawanitchakit & Jhundra-indra 2012).

Benefits of Positive Corporate Image
A positive corporate image can provide a number of benefits to a company. A good corporate image can enhance consumer perceptions regarding the quality of a company’s products or services (Vanhamme, Lindgreen, Reast & Popering 2012). This in turn can lead to higher sales revenue as it positively influences consumer buying behaviour and even customer loyalty (Vanhamme, Lindgreen, Reast & Popering 2012). This can provide a company with a strong, positive corporate image with a competitive advantage as customers choose to buy its products because they are easily recognized – brand identity – and because the company is perceived as socially responsible. Another benefit of a positive corporate image is increased employee commitment (Prasertsang, Ussahawanitchakit & Jhundra-indra 2012). Employee commitment can be defined as an employee’s dedication to work, plus dedication and internalization of an organization’s business objectives (Prasertsang, Ussahawanitchakit & Jhundra-indra 2012). Employees who are committed to their job show higher levels of job satisfaction and job involvement (Cohen 1992). This in turn leads...
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