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Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 5 (1840 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Disney World: Not Just for Kids

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the variety of activities available to adults at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Central Idea: The three aspects of Walt Disney World that cater to adults are the “five star” amenities, annual special events, and sports & recreation activities.

I would like to ask the audience: When you think of a vacation in Disney World, what comes to mind? John Cloud from Time International stated it correctly when he said “You’re thinking roving packs of sunburned children who let their ice cream drip on your toes as you wait to ride Space Mountain. You're thinking overpriced hot dogs and hotel pools crammed with little kids leaving warm spots. All true, but the city has also quietly become a favored destination for adults traveling without kids”. I have been to Disney World over 30 times in my life. I have essentially grown up with Disney World so I know the best places to visit as a child and an adult. There are a variety of different exciting activities offered all within Walt Disney World. In a publication by, a website that offers inspiration and tips to adults, the author says that Disney World “offers adults, even without kids, so many recreation options that they can't possibly do them all in just a week… However, it's not easy to find information about [Disney World] that isn't geared for kids or families”. I am here today to show you that adults can have as much fun, if not more fun than, children at Disney World. I will begin with “Five-star Amenities”, then “Spots & Recreation”, and finally I will end with “Special Events”.

I. Walt Disney World is not just hot dogs, greasy French fries, and melting ice cream cones while sweating your way through a crowded amusement park. In fact, it’s far from it! There are plenty of four and five star amenities to keep every adult feeling relaxed. A. Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Ed McCarthy, food critics from Nation’s Restaurant News believe that “Of more than 200 restaurants, at least a dozen, we can safely say, are top-notch, and a few of those among the best in the United States”. i. There are plenty of unique dishes you can try from around the world. One of my favorites is Boma, which is an upscale buffet that allows you to sample a variety of African food. ii. There are even restaurants owned by famous chefs, like Kouzzina by Cat Cora B. There are about 17 resorts on property that have a spa. They each have varying price ranges so there is high class relaxation for almost any budget.

Connective: A Disney World vacation is not just sitting around and eating exquisite food while getting pampered. There are various activities available to adults to keep them active and entertained.

II. The selection of sports and recreation available at Walt Disney World is vast and can take anyone over 2 weeks to experience it all. C. We will start out slow from all of that eating and pampering and start with watching sports instead of participating in them. iii. Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex is a “200-acre state-of-the-art sports complex in Orlando, Florida…Disney has secured arrangements with major sporting organizations including the NFL, NBA,…” MLB, “and PGA, who will host annual events at the complex”. Even the Atlanta Braves have their Spring Training at this facility and Disney provides free transportation to and from the event. iv. The ESPN Club, located at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, is a great place to catch a game on their 100 monitors and grab a beer and a great meal! If you’re lucky, you may even spot a sports celebrity or two. D. As previously mentioned, Disney World has a lot of activities available to keep guests active even during vacation. v. As for “land” sports, Disney offers sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and golf courses....
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