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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Baseball in my life
Baseball is one of the most important things in my life. Baseball is one of my loves in this world baseball is a game that I can get away from the real world and just do what I do on the baseball field. I was taught when I was a young boy learning the game of baseball that there are life lessons in the game that will be used in everyday life. Lessons that can best be taught on the baseball field. I learned the game of baseball by many people and all of their styles rubbed off on me and helped me become the player I am today.

I learned mostly everything I know about the game of baseball from my father. When I was just starting out playing baseball my father, brother, and I would spend countless hours on the baseball field near my house to improve myself as a baseball player. Another way I learned to sharpen my skills on the ball field was by going to instructional baseball camps when I was about seven. The last way that would visually teach me to learn the game was by watching my favorite baseball team the Baltimore Orioles and asking questions when I didn’t understand how one of the Orioles players made a play. Also I helped mentor a baseball camp for younger kids when I was attending Cardinal Gibbons high school. I think this was one of the most rewarding things involving baseball ive ever done.

Currently I use baseball every day because I now play for CCBC Dundalk as a first baseman. Now that im at Dundalk im learning to play a new position at first base. Previously before I came to Dundalk I played third base. In my opinion I think the two positions first and third base are very similar in the responsibilities they have within the game. Another way that I use baseball in my life everyday is to make me a better man by teaching me how to work together with my teammates and to take responsibility for my actions out on the baseball field. These two lessons that I use in everyday practice of playing baseball will help me when I get a job...
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