Passing Score on the Exam

Topics: Learning, Skill, English language Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Topic: A passing score on an English achievement test should be the main requirement for international students to enter a university in an English speaking country. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

I have a close friend who dreams to go abroad one day. To fulfill her dream, she has spent much time on sharpening her English skill as most of the universities in English-speaking countries require a passing score on an English achievement test of international students. There are two main reasons which make a passing English score become important to study abroad including adaptability to new life and passive influence on learning capacity in university. Firstly, a necessary level of English skills can help you easily adapt to new environment. Living in foreign country, you will encounter many troubles such as housing issue, health problem and culture shock. It is very difficult to solve these problems if you do not have basic English knowledge. Communication with native people and learning from their lifestyle can support you with a large number of experiences to adapt to new life step by step. Furthermore, passing an English test can ensure your capability to learn. Instead of spending time on improving English skills, you can attentively focus on your study at university. In addition, in class, you can deeply understand what the teachers say and read more English materials. On other hand, some people believe a passing score on an English achievement test is not necessary, because they consider that international students may learn English after going abroad. However, while students study programs in university, learning English may make them feel tired and have pressure. It leads to the reduction in the effectiveness of learning process. Many people find it better to have a passing level of English before studying oversea. To conclude, passing score on an English achievement test should be the main requirement...
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