Passenger Satisfaction Survey

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Passenger Satisfaction Survey Report and Benchmarking of Performance Standards

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Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management Lucknow
July 2012

Senior Professor (Finance & PPP)

Assisted by
Kishor Mehta, CMI, IRITM Ankit Tandon, RA, IIM Lucknow

July 2012

Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management Lucknow
Government of India – Ministry of Railways

The findings contained in the Passenger Satisfaction Survey Report are meant to focus on those Service related areas which require better attention by the Service Providers. Like all other Surveys these represent only an indicative checklist of areas of action and reforms and are by no means exhaustive and fully descriptive. The Survey was restricted to some cities of northern parts of the Country, the observations and findings get limited to that extent and may not apply ipso facto to all Indian Railway Passenger Services.

PPP Knowledge Center, Copyright ©IRITM

PPP knowledge centre was setup at IRITM in 2008. IRITM has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIM Lucknow, for writing Research Papers, Case Studies and assimilating research findings into comprehensive periodic reports to be used for improving training inputs. This is the 4th publication of the Centre. The earlier 3 publications :1. Ideas on PPP, Dr. Kalpana Dube, Sr. Prof. (Fin. & PPP), IRITM & Ashish Shukla 2. A Handbook on Project Finance & PPP Terminology, Dr. Kalpana Dube, Sr. Prof. (Fin. & PPP), IRITM & Ankit Tandon 3. Studying the Efficacy of an Airport Modernization Concession Agreement, Dr. Kalpana Dube, Sr. Prof. (Fin. & PPP), IRITM The above publications have been well received not only by the Railways but even outside in the Government, Private Sector and Educational Institutions. Indian Railways is the life line of the nation. It has been instrumental in bringing about a social, cultural and economic revolution in our society and has been a strong uniting and integrating force. Despite being a monopoly in passenger services which are highly subsidized, can it afford to have a dissatisfied customer? To keep the nation moving and the customers happy, our net social service obligations in 2010-11 constituted 17.57% of total expenditure. Analysis of profitability of Coaching Services showed a loss of 21,324 crores to which net suburban losses in Chennai, Kolkatta and Mumbai contributed Rs. 2364 crores. Other factors have also accelerated the situation which include low second class ordinary fares non suburban commuters and concession in fare

extended to various categories. No other transport sector today is offering rates which could compete with the Railways. Despite so much of effort if we are still unable to keep our Customer satisfied there certainly seems to be some communication gap between us and the Customer. In order to asses that gap IRITM conducted a “Passenger Satisfaction Survey” on the Northern, North Central and North Eastern Railway, the result of which are summarized in the publication. We hope the results would allow us the Railway personnel to introspect about our “Customer Demand” and initiate us to give a better service and be more vocal in showing our concern for keeping our Customer Happy. Ashima Singh Director IRITM Lucknow July 2012

Passenger Amenities and provision of certain essential as well as desirable features on Railway stations as well as on-board train services continually engage the attention of policy makers in the Railway Board as well as the Field Officers in the Zones and Divisions. The ground level scenario at major stations in the country differs in terms of scope as well as its perceived usefulness by the Railway Passengers. The present survey was designed to get a comprehensive feedback on 37 different service parameters related to...
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