Pass or Fail

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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Amelia, straight “A” student, transferred to a new high school her senior year. The grading policy at her new school was pass or fail. Not knowing this, Amelia turned in her first official English paper. When she got her paper back the next day it said “FAIL” in bright red ink. She was devastated. Amelia thought she could impress her new English teacher with her superb writing technique. Towards the end of class Amelia went up to her teacher and asked how and why she failed her paper. The teacher simply stated that it was not passing material. Later that night at dinner Amelia was scolded for her appalling appearance during English class. Amelia went into her new school feeling good about her past accomplishments, and looking forward to her future ones. About two weeks into new school year Amelia finally was told that the grading system was not the same as her original school. Amelia finally knew that her paper was a B+ material instead of “A” and was counted as a “FAIL”. If she would have known about the grading policy earlier, Amelia would have taken more time to get a better score. Changing the grading policies within in our school is a bad idea.

To begin with, changing the grading system will make classes harder to pass. Smarter, well behaved students will not be looked at as “Magnificent Students”; they will simply be looked at as normal. Most students would like to be thought of as “Outstanding” rather than “Average”. Also colleges will have a harder time choosing the students that they would like attending their school. There are many reasons for this. One being that pass or fail doesn’t give students a chance. Meaning that most students receive C’s or B’s, which is perfectly normal, and with pass or fail grading students will either have to get A’s or fail. Almost all colleges look for the grades of students and their ACT and SAT scores. Most students rely on their everyday work and grades simply because they are not good at taking tests. Without...
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