Pasko Sa Pinas

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Pasko sa PHEnas
Praxis Project
Reflection Paper 1
Charlene Shine J. Aloria, Batch 8

a. How was I as a leader in the course of my Praxis involvement in the conceptualization and planning stage?
Being a member again of this year’s Paskuhang Pathways praxis project, I think this is another opportunity for me to enhance my leadership skills. I am assigned in the Programs Committee because our project head thinks that I can really help by making last year’s project even better. I’m glad that the trust is given to me since the Programs Committee is in-charge with the overall event.

I actually was not able to attend the Praxis Launch and the formation of our team but I was still able to do the tasks that were given to me this past few weeks. I volunteered myself to do the PowerPoint presentation and to be one of the presenters, if ever possible. These were to help build my confidence and improve my creativity, as well as communication skills. When we had our meeting in McDo Katipunan last week, I assured that I could attend by managing my schedules. Generally, during the brainstorming and planning stages, I as much as possible shared confidently my ideas while taking into considerations the areas for improvement of 2011 project. All the members participated well and in my part, I really analyzed the ideas whether they are doable within a certain period of time.

b. What are the insights I learned from these early stages of the project? How shall I continue to grow and apply the things I’ve learned throughout the project?
I learned that really despite the differences in ages and personalities of the members, the team, as long as it is guided by its mission and goals, can work productively and harmoniously. We really enjoyed our first teambuilding with almost complete members. I also learned that each one of us has his/her own capabilities and skills that can contribute well to the project’s betterment.

I should continue what I have started in the team and consider my areas for improvement in dealing with people, with regards to my talents and skills, and even with regards to my time management. I should be guided with the Pathways Core Values and the project’s Mission and Objectives.

c. Based on my learning plan, what are the competencies I would want to develop more through the project?
Time is a very significant issue when it comes to doing my tasks as a student, as a Pathways participant, and as a daughter. I cannot do all the tasks all at once but I can assure that all the tasks are well done on time. I also want to develop the sense of my purpose as a “kapwa” for other people (as one of the objectives of the project).


I have been part of praxis for the past two years and I am always a member but this time I was appointed as praxis head. I have no choice but to accept it. I want to refuse because I was thinking I can’t handle the project due to my hectic schedule in school. I was worrying that I could not stand as head of the Pasko sa PHEnas because I’m not like this, like that etc. but I break that mindset. Now, I’m really trying my best to be a responsible leader. During the conceptualizing and planning stage of our project I raised my own ideas and also openly accepted the ideas of my teammates that could help in the project. I gave time for the meetings conducted and I try my best to meet the schedule on time. I arrived early with our meetings to show them that I’m respecting their time. And whenever I’m not available with our activities, I inform them. I actually had difficulty in my time, every time we attempt to have team building activity it always fall on schedule of my departmental examination or thesis matter and feasibility study. I learned to really give and manage my time. If I’m not available I try to have a different meeting with Rachelle to be updated regarding our project and it helped me to still do my part as...
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