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Pashence Vasser
English 101

The Lesson
In every story there are characters that teach the readers a lesson. They might teach you how to cook or even how to make your bed. In To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee there are multiple lesson learned and taught by the characters like Walter Cunningham whom show us the importance of respect, and the importance of responsibility. Also, Calpurnia who show us that loves goes a long way and, compassion is needed in all children lives. Thanks to these characters when one read this book that person would be happy about the overall outcome of lessons one learns this book.

In every story there is a character that readers love and respect because of their attitude. In to Kill a Mocking Bird that character is Walter Cunningham. Walter Cunningham is a modern day gentleman responded to questions like “Nome, thank you ma’am” when he is asked a question. (19 Lee). Even though Ms. Caroline embarrassed Walter in front of the class he didn’t respond with any disrespectful words or even disrespectful ways he responded in the most respectful manner. Walter Cunningham also shows us the importance of responsibility. “Having to repeat the 1St grade so many times” (34 Lee) because he is helping his “papa hunt for him family” (34 lee) is not what any child wants to do. Even though Walter is a child he stills understands the important things in life and that is his family. Having to make the decision between being a child or being an “adult” Walter triumphs over that and does what is rightfor him and his family. A great character is hard to describe, but each individual would answer the question differently. To one Calpurnia shows all of the qualities of a great character. Calpurnia teaches us the meaning of wisdom. Calpurnia is a strong African American woman and she stays on tip top shape when comes to scout attitude making sure she does not act “all high and mighty...
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