Parzania - Critical Review

Topics: Islam, Parzania, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Parzania (2005)
A Film by Rahul Dholakia
‘Not with a sword. Not with a sword, Asif.’
These words are reminiscent of a Gandhian quote. The Father of the Nation, a larger than life individual, who single-handedly stunned the world with his unusual principles which millions believe, paved the way for the Indian Independence. However, his dedication and perseverance to free the Indians by non-violent means is being honored more in theory, as of today, than in practice. The above quote is from a 2007 Rahul Dholakia movie, namely, Parzania. Critically acclaimed and thrown open to a global audience, it attempts in the characteristic manner of all literature, to reiterate a story, in a way that will make people reflect on it and see the events of the tale in a whole new light, much like the concept of defamiliarization. The movie is about the horrific events that took place in Godhra, Ahmedabad on Februray 28th 2002. Communal violence is a social and political evil that has taken India by storm after Independence. Our country is exemplary of the claim that two predominant religious groups cannot co-exist. This very fact has been exquisitely portrayed in Parzania, which is unalike any piece of literature covering a similar issue. Firstly, the irony of the tale lies in the fact that the events of the Godhra riots which was primarily a Hindu-Muslim discrepancy, has been depicted from the point of view of a Parsi family as well as a formerly Protestant, American man. This almost-objective narrative is the essence of the story because it eliminates all cause for concern regarding any sort of bias. The audience is free to display any feelings of sympathy and compassion for the protagonists, without the fear of being disloyal to their religious sentiments. Moreover, Muslims are the minority in India. They account for roughly 14% of the population of the nation as a result of which, they are always the popular villains. Regardless of the mounting evidence supporting...
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