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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Parvana’s life in Afghanistan
In “The Breadwinner” Parvana’s rights are being violated. She has the right to go to school and get an education. She has the right to go to court to defend people. She has the right to freedom and many other rights, but nearly all of her rights are being violated by the Taliban. I wonder how Parvana deals with it? This essay will be about some of the rights that are violated in Afghanistan, the right for an education, the right to go to court and the right for freedom. The right for an education is violated. My first quote to help me give evidence that is on pages 10-11 “it wasn’t her fault she wasn’t in school! She would rather be there too.” This quote represents that the right for an education is violated because she wants to go to school, but the Taliban has forbidden girls to go to school. My second quote is found on page 11 “when they first took over the capital city of Kabul and forbade girls to go to school, Parvana was terribly unhappy.” I think this quote means that the Taliban forbid girls to go to school so they are the smartest so it is easier to take over the whole of Afghanistan. The right for freedom is violated. The first example to show evidence is on page 22 “the Taliban has said we must stay inside, but that doesn’t mean we have to live in filth.” I think this quote gives a good example because it shows that they are demanded to stay inside. My second piece of evidence is on page 7-8 “For more than a year now, they had all been stuck inside one room, along with five-year-old Maryam and two-year-old Ali.” I think this quote shows that the family’s freedom is violated because they have to stay inside because they are girls. Parvana’s right to go to court is violated. On page 31 a quote helps me give evidence that Parvana’s family can’t go to court. “Parvana watched hopelessly as two soldiers dragged him down the stairs.” I think this quote shows clear evidence because it shows that they just take him and don’t...
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