Parvana's Journey Main Events

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Bomb, Refugee Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Main Events
- Parvanna was burrying her father when a man saw her.
The man kept Parvanna to live with him and his family.
Since she had no where to go she stayed with them.
One night one of the man's daughter told her to escape because her dad and is friends were planning to sell her to the Talibans. She escaped from the shelter of the man and started her journey which is to search for her family. - When she was travelling, she found a bomb village.

She looked for food in shelter's that had been bomb to take with her as she continue her journey. While she was searching for food, she also found a baby and she named him Hassan. Parvanna took Hassan with him because she saw Taliban Soldiers coming. - As she continued to travel, she found a cave that she thought could be a nice place to rest with Hassan. When she went in, she heard a voice that was telling him to leave the cave from the bombed place and she takes the food that people had with them. a young boy. Parvana told the young boy that she has food for him and he came out from the dark.The boy's name was Asif. Asif was very rude and he only had one leg. - The kids hurried away from the village with the stolen eggs from the job they had on their way. They continously walked until they needed a rest. One time Parvanna and Asif had a game of who can throw rocks the farthest. They kept on throwing rocks until something exploded on the field. Parvana and Asif figured out that they were in a mine field. They stayed at one place and cried. - The scared children kept crying until someone came over. It was a young girl who had been alone with her grandma that doesnt talk at all. Her mom went away to a journey too to find the rest of her family. The Girl's name was Leila. Leila told Parvana, Asif and Hassan to live with her if they wanted to because she's only with her grandma that doesnt talk. Leila also told the 3 kids that the mine field likes her because she gives the field food when she eats. Everytime...
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