Partys in 1984 by George Orwell.

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Nazism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: January 31, 2013
1.what is different about the philosophy of the party in 1984, to other dystopian societies, such as USSR and the Nazis

Orwell showed similarities between 1984's party, Ingsoc, the Nazi party, and Stalinist Russia, all totalitarian regimes. He did this by portraying the leadership ideals, the propaganda techniques, the fierce secret police, and the basic idea of creating a pure party used by all of these regimes. Big Brother was a mirror image of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in many aspects. All three rulers ruled with an iron fist, this means that they ruled with basically no tolerance of opposition and by dictatorship ideals. Orwell showed this through Big Brother's ideas, and beliefs. Throughout Stalin's rule, he enforced several "Five-year plans", which called for increases in industrial production, and collectivization of agriculture. These plans led to the emergence of an all-powerful nation, The Soviet Union. In 1984, Big Brother used similar three-year plans, "The telescreen was still babbling away about pig iron and the overfulfillment of the Ninth Three-year plan," (Orwell, pg.6) to bolster Ingsoc's productivity and success. Much like Stalin, Big Brother's plans were a success in creating a powerful state. Adolf Hitler on the other hand, concerned himself more with spreading a feeling of pride amongst his party.

The Party is different from Nazism and Russian Communism because they don't allow there to be saints. In the latter two societies, when someone was killed, they were seen as martyrs. However, the Party first converts all criminals to love the party by subjecting them to their greatest fears. Only after the criminals love Big Brother and the Party are they killed. Basically, they can't be killed as martyrs because they have switched sides, from fighting the Party to supporting it. Another difference is that the party wanted power for the sake of having power whereas the Nazis or USSR wanted more control and taking over land, money,...
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