party politics in Pakistan

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 “The devil loves nothing better than the intolerance of reformers.”– Lowell Party politics
The country can be rightly proud of the multiparty structure of its politics. However, these parties have not been able to meet the public’s expectations. Pakistani political parties have failed to show internal democracy, which has discouraged the emergence of new leadership. Inductions to the parties & Procedure to get the ticket:

The political parties of Pakistan, whatever their ideological and policy leanings, rely on popular profiles have a certain support base. The problem occurs what parties look for and preference is given to electable rather than technocrat. A whole lot of politicians have emerged now who are master in party switching. Their political existence depends on their skill of negotiating for party switching. They always find opportunity in parties which comes into power or is expected to come. Party leadership:

Family-based politics is also one of the factors adding to its political crises as Pakistan cannot make the transition to democracy without a competitive party system. It is also a major source of political confrontations, as it is the personal interests of the party boss or his vision for his party and the country that determine the party line and its policy orientations. Leadership must be cultivated, nurtured and grown up for which parties must act as nurseries. Other parties are run by individuals in a dictatorial manner.

Structural problems:
Each Pakistani party has a faded unique political identity and a recognizable ideological orientation but no specific agendas or platforms. There is a crucial need of proper party structure in which new electable inductee should go through the whole process before given any authority. There is a clear lack of an independent accountability committee in any party. Furthermore there is more focus on vague but motivated promises made in rallies instead of clear policy papers. Winning the...
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